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You`re Just One
Presentaion Away

Why not join a community of introverts overcoming

the language and confidence barrier

to be the presenter they want to be?


Three reasons you are still stuck

Do some of you feel that you trying to be a better presenter, instructor, salesperson, etc. but you're still stuck on a treadmill with no feeling of improvement? Maybe you read the latest TED talk book or attended an expensive webinar given by THE expert in public speaking, but in the end, you still cannot improve. The problem, my friend, is not you. It is the fact that fallen for the myth that "Knowledge is power." This causes three major problems. 


Knowing = Getting Better

Unlike the Matrix, you can't download presentation skills into the brain with book or webinar. You may feel that your learned something, but later own you can't do it when it is showtime. You need a place to practice effectively so what you learned is second nature.


Learning alone is quicker

When we learn in book, online etc. We learn at our own pace. This can be great, but being alone means there is no one to give feedback. There is no way to practice in front of an audience. There also is not one to help pick you up.


That way is the RIGHT way

Every book, seminar, etc. profess to give the "magic" formula to presentation success. However, the devil is in the details. It is important to practice to figure how to implement it with your special circumstances.

1% Better Every Day = 365%

"Comujo"  is an online community that where you get  skill not just knowledge. Everyone here is dedicate to improving a little bit a every day, because if you work on getting 1% better each day, after a year you are easily 365% better!

"Comujo" works by having regular online practice session with feedback give by all participants. The focus is doing, improving and doing again. Since you are not alone it is easier to maintain motivation, plus you can feel safe to share any problem you have because everyone has probably had the same doubts, fears, and problem.

By joining your will be able to convey your thoughts and ideas will even more effectively to your colleagues, bosses, and customers.

So, why not take the leap what do you have to loose?

What can you get from the "Comujo" online community?



Presentation sessions that
improve your speaking and evaluation skills

There is an environment where you can practice presentations with me and members and we all give constructive feedback to everyone.

This allows you to practice "speaking" and "evaluating" as a set. By giving feedback, we will also train the each one's ability to make suggestions. As well as improving your speaking style, you can train yourself to find out what you need to improve by analyzing other speeches yourself.


Improve logical thinking with
debate practice

Many people think that debate is about defeating the other side, but debate was originally a training ground to understand the positions of affirmation and negative to better to convey any assertion logically in an easy-to-understand manner to any side.

People who practice only presentation skill will be better at some areas of communicating, but it is also important to consider the questions and counterarguments possible coming from the audience and also to be able to respond well on the spot. Participating in a debate practice session will help you be more persuasive and powerful.


 Improve facilitation skills to reduces time wasting meeetings

It is said that about 20% of the time of work life is held in meetings. And most of them are time wasters that can long and inconclusive.

Unfortunately, good presentation and debate skill alone cannot solve that. It is better to practice simple tips that can be introduced by anyone in any position or even a traditional Japanese company.


Sales & negotiation practice session to increase
your success rate

When asked what is the most directly useful skill in your working life, it will probably be sales negotiation ability. Sales skills and negotiation is all about having effective dialogue with people. This online community is a place where you can learn and practice various patterns with various people, and improve your script or dialogue ability in a safe way.



Coaching practice session to motivate colleagues

Most workplaces have problems with motivation, relationships, and so on. Coaching is an effective communication method.

However, there are very few places to actually learn and practice coaching, and it is very difficult to acquire good coaching. In this community, you will be able to practice as a coaching position and organize your own tasks. Wearing coaching will increase the number of people around you who feel you can count on.


An environment where you can practice  at any time to accelerate your learning

At least once a month, there is a practice session hosted by me. However, it is possible to hold many more depending on your preferred time and day.

All you need is one other person and  you can hold as many additional practice sessions as you like.So even busy people can rest assured.

You can even freely decide on the length number of the practices , etc. Just make sure you stick to have a supportive and constructive feedback environment.


Get the latest information from cutting edge sources

There is a lot of information on presentation, sales, meeting etc. There are semi-regular study session on the latest so that members can learn, practice, and power up.

Normal Price: 5,500 yen a month

Founding discount
First 30 people 3,300 yen a month (40% OFF)

In addition, the first month comes with a one-month money-back guarantee

Some conent in English and Japanese on SNS

Daily tips are being delivered on various SNS as needed. Please subscribe and enjoy.

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On You Tube
and Rumble!




What payment method can I use?

Please use PayPal.

PayPal allows you to register a bank account and various credit cards, and if you have a PayPal balance, you can also use that to pay. If you haven't registered yet, click the "Join Now" button below to jump to PayPal, and please register.


What should I do if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. However, since it takes time to cancel the contract, please contact us by the 20th of the month. Please note that if you contact us after the 21st, the cancellation work may not be processed within the same month and you may be charged the next month.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you withdraw from the membership within one month from the date of enrollment, we guarantee a full refund . After that refunds will be made via PayPal. PayPal does take a processing fee.


What kind of people are members?

People of all ages are participating. There are those who have just joined the workforce, and those who have recently become managers. People from various occupations, but everyone seems to have a certain interest in communicating. One commonality is that they mostly from East Asia. .


Are there any topics other than presentations, debates, running meetings, sales talks, and coaching?

Practice topics are based on the demands of our members. If there is enough demand extra can be added.


How is it different from the speaking class?

The online community is not just a place to learn presentations and speeches. The focus is less on getting more new information about X skill and more on make sure you can quickly and effectively do the thing.


Are there an off-line events?

Currently, it is held irregularly. When we decide to hold one members will be notified.


Who can I contact?

The contact information on the community is " @".

(Please remove the space around [@] )

Basically, we will reply within 1 business day, but please understand that there can be delays.


I want to know what practice sessions are like!

We are sorry, but non-members cannot see the practice session. This is to provide a safe and secure environment for our members. We want to maintain the quality of practice sessions so we are careful as who we let in.


How much is it?

It is normally 5,500 yen (tax included) every month. The deposit cycle starts from the date of enrollment.


Is there a practice session in English?

Yes. Practice sessions on the community are held in English and Japanese. It's okay if you use either language, and feel free to ask what you don't understand. We will consider adding other languages in the future, depending on demand.


How is it different from an English conversation school?

The online community is not a place to learn the basic of English conversation. Of course, it is useful for improving your language skills, but the main focus the more advance application of language for presentation, meetings, etc. It is not a place to learn grammar, vocabulary, etc.


How is it different from an online webinar?

Same reason as Q11. It is not a place where you can listen to one-sided stories and gain knowledge, but a place where you can encourage and improve each other through actual communication skills. It is also a safe and secure place with a membership system.


Can I consult with the instructor individually?

It is possible, but if specific teaching is required, there will be an additional charge.

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How to join

1. Click the button below pay through PayPal

* If you do not have it, please register with PayPal. Please refer to PayPal for the registration method


2. After confirming the payment information, the administrator will send you an email.

* It may not be visible due to junk mail or automatic folder division. Please check.


3. Wait for the invite to a dedicated Facebook group.

* If you do not have an FB account, please register and set up.

Normal Price: 5,500 yen a month

Founding discount
First 30 people 3,300 yen a month (40% OFF)

In addition, the first month comes with a one-month money-back guarantee


Matthew Ownby(マシュー・オンビ)

Born in Richmond, Virginia, USA in 1979.
University: Kansas State University, Major: Electrical Engineering

Originally, a shy and introverted person, but by participating in an NPO (Toastmasters) Matthew was able to polishe his presentation skills, learn the importance of presentation and  then need of effective practice environments .


Matthew has 22 years of experience as Toastmasters. He was a winner of the national speaking tournament, a head of the Japan branch said organization, and the organizing chair of the national level contest (about 600 people attended). He mainly focuses on presentation evaluation, and presentation evaluation training for the last 15 years.

Has help both English teachers hold effective contests as well as coach high school student to win speech contest winners. Current focus is on training startups and employees with presentation skills.


"Matthew's Wild Ass Goal"

・ Aim to become the largest online community for practicing and experimenting communication skills to contribute to improving communication among people around the world.


・Run an online tournament to decide. "Who is the best communicator in Japan?"


Interview article

[NASA engineer / CISCO experienced person talks] Choosing an English presentation instructor who changed from a half-life of an engineer (Japanese)

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