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Matthew Ownby(マシュー・オンビ)

"Knowledge is of no value unless

it is put into practice."

Anton Chekhov

Born in Richmond, Virginia, USA in 1979.

University: Kansas State University, Major: Electrical Engineering

Originally, a shy and introverted person, but by participating in an NPO (Toastmasters) Matthew was able to polish his presentation skills, learn the importance of presentation, and the need for effective practice environments.


Matthew has 22 years of experience as Toastmasters. He was a winner of the national speaking tournament, a head of the Japan branch said organization and the organizing chair of the national level contest (about 600 people attended). He has mainly focused on presentation evaluation and presentation evaluation training for the last 15 years.

Has helped both English teachers hold effective contests as well as coached high school students to win speech contest winners. His current focus is on training startups and employees with presentation skills.


Then, he felt that there was a limit to what one company could do, and after that, he chose to start a business.

Currently, he is planning and executing presentation training and other forms of communication training, as well as doing some interpreting work.

・ICEE judge (4 times):
・High Ticket Closer certification (sales training)
・Team Flow Coach Certification

・Climb more than 50 of the 100 famous mountains in Japan with his wife with an eye on finishing it in 5 yrs.


Coverage article

[NASA engineer / CISCO experienced person talks] Choosing an English presentation instructor who changed from a half-life of an engineer (Japanese)

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TEDx appearance (Japanese)


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